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Our stainless countertops are made from prime 16 gauge 304 18/8 stainless steel.

We manufacture all of our countertops and sinks in a modern manufacturing facility located in Monroe NC.

From sales to fabrication, from engineering to shipping – through and through, we have what it takes to get the job done quickly with precision and efficiency.

Choose from our pre-configured stock sizes, or design your own using our interactive design tool.



Standard Square Edge Profile with:

Non-Directional Matte Finish

Our standard non-directional matte finish looks great, and pre-conditions the surface of the stainless steel, allowing your countertop to mask and accept inevitable random scratches as they take place.

-- OR --

Brushed Finish

Our #4 brushed finish, also commonly known as directional or satin finish, is the finish commonly seen on kitchen appliances, and is characterized by fine polishing grit lines that are uniform and directional in appearance.

Our standard square edge profile consists of a 1-1/2” square edge with a 1/2” return. Optionally, you can choose a square edge with no return.

Standard Backer:


Our countertops include a 1-1/2” moisture resistant MDF backer board, constructed from (2) ¾” layers for increased strength and sound-insulation. The first layer completely covers the bottom of the countertop. The second layer goes around the perimeter, bringing the countertop substrate to its proper thickness.

The backer board installs directly onto your cabinets, allowing you to install your stainless steel countertop using familiar countertop installation methods.

-- OR --

Stainless Channel

Our stainless channel backer is made of 304 16 gauge stainless steel. It sits flush with the bottom edge of the countertop for easy mounting to cabinet. Because the channel is made of stainless steel, it is suitable for either indoor or outdoor applications.


Integrated Backsplash

  • Available for the Straight and L-Shape countertops
  • Seamlessly built-in as part of your countertop
  • Choose the height, up to 30 inches

The optional integrated backsplash provides a clean, finished and water-tight surface in which to work.

Integrated Sink

Choose from stock or custom sizes and configurations of stainless steel sinks. We will precision weld your selected sink into a countertop creating a seamless integrated unit. You can even have a drain board added to any sink.

(click here to view all available sinks)

Marine Edge Profile

  • Available for the Straight and L-Shape countertops
  • Provides a No-Drip edge
  • Choose with or without a return

Bull Nose Edge Profile

  • Available for the Straight and L-Shape countertops
  • Choose which side(s) you want the Bull Nose Edge

Thick Countertop

  • Available for the Straight and L-Shape countertops
  • You select the thickness of your edge profile
  • Create that custom look for your kitchen

The countertop thickness is up to you. Select the edge profile length (up to 4") that fits your needs. It adds a profound look to any kitchen.

If a thick countertop face is desired, an additional piece of 3/4" backer board is included to support the increased edge. The rest of the countertop remains 1-1/2" thick.


Choose from our pre-configured stock sizes, or design your own using our interactive design tool.

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